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In The Beginning...

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Francis Light's Vision
Francis Light was the Founder & First Governor of Prince of Wales Island.

He was a Visionary & it was his Vision to build an Anglican Church on the Island befitting the status of the Colony.

Unfortunately he passed away in 25 October 1794, some 22 years before planning of the Church commenced.
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The Vision
Our Bicentenary vision is to raise RM1,000,000 over the next 3 years to empower disadvantaged children through education - academically, life skills and the Christian way of life.

We will find children who do well at school but because their family is poor, they’ll never get the opportunity to further their education. These children may come from an abusive family situation whereby dad drinks and/or takes drugs and abuses Mum. Mum does nothing about it so the boys think “Mum’s not complaining so that must be normal” while the girls think “Dad’s hitting Mum and she just takes it so that must be normal”.
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Touching Lives, Changing People

We are raising RM 1,000.000.00 to Commemorate the Bicentenary of St George's Church. The theme is "EMPOWERING THE DISADVANTAGED", to Enrich the Lives of those in need.

Partner with us is creating this Legacy as we identify Needs & Talents of those who are truly Disadvantaged.

Our Goal is to raise this amount within the next two years from April 2017 - April 2019. Your kind contributions will be much appreciated.

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