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As women touched by your Grace, we stand before you, open vessels.  Fill us with joy and compassion, with fidelity and faith, with love and all good things to the point of overflowing. May the works of our hands be pleasing in Your sight. Make us worthy bearers of your word and stewards of your gifts so that, in all things, you alone may be glorified.  We ask this in the name of Jesus, our Savior.  Amen”

This prayer was written by Bishop Charles Samuel & it is this prayer by which he blessed the Ladies & the Project on the first day in November 2014 when the group gathered to learn what the Opus Cathedra Project was all about.

What Is The Opus Cathedra Project ?

The Opus Cathedra Project was initiated by Bishop Charles Samuel as part of the Bicentenary celebrations.  It has been created to beautify the Church in a truly unique way, not only for the Bicentenary but as a legacy for many years to come.

The project is made up of 4 phases

Phase 1 ~ cover 20 existing Church prayer kneelers

Phase 2 ~ cover the Altar Kneeler

Phase 3 ~ cover the Bishop’s Chair cushion

Phase 4 ~ create 5 Pulpit Falls

The Team –

The “Stitching Team” as it has been affectionately named, is made up of ten ladies who are members of the Church & two ladies from other Churches.  These ladies have given freely of their time to be involved in this Bicentenary Project.  Some had never held a craft needle before & are basically self taught.  Each stitch comes from their love of our Lord Jesus & their love of the Church, The Church of St. George The Martyr.  It is their desire to create something that will not only beautify their Church but also leave a legacy for many, many years to come.

Phase 1 - Concept to Reality – Prayer Kneelers

In November 2014 & under the initial guidance of Janet Cribb, phase 1 commenced.  Thirty ladies not only from St. George’s Church but also other local Churches, came together in the Parish Hall full of curiosity, eagerness, anticipation & a desire to be a part of something that had never been done before in Malaysia.

Within a few months, the numbers had dropped to 12 very dedicated ladies & it is those 12 ladies who have given freely of their time & God given talent who moved the project forward & will see it through to completion by 2019. 

It took 8 months for them to learn & become proficient enough at the 12 stitches they would need – tent, gobelin, jacquard, eyelot, leaf, byzantine, chequer, diagonal, Hungarian, Parisian, rice & Scottish, to commence Phase 1 of the project……….

There Is A Beginning……

In June 2015 the ladies were ready!  stitches had been learned, canvas & wool had arrived from the United Kingdom, Advent designs had been chosen & drawn on to the canvas & needles were poised………. In June 2015 Phase 1 of the OPUS CATHEDRA PROJECT morphed from a concept to a reality.

And As It Proceeded…...

By December 20th 2015, twelve canvases were completed & displayed in the Church where both they, & the ladies, were blessed by Bishop Ng Moon Hing. 

There is Completion…….

In 2017, the final piece will be completed.  After  18 months these twelve dedicated ladies, through their talent, their love of God & devotion to the Opus Cathedra Project, will have completed

Phase 1.

The canvases have been upholstered to the kneelers & are currently on display in the ST. GEORGE’S HERITAGE CENTRE where they will stay until 11 May, 2019 when they will be taken over to their new home in the Church & used in prayer.

This project has been sponsored by several individual donors.

Phase 2 – Concept to Reality – Altar Kneeler

Unlike the Prayer Kneelers where the ladies created their own designs, due to the enormity of the undertaking, it was decided to divide the Altar Kneeler project into 3 sections with the design being outsourced.

In July 2016 the brief for the first section was given to Jacksons of Hebden Bridge in the United Kingdom & by November the completed design arrived in Malaysia.  The ladies are now working diligently on this rather large but beautiful piece.

This project has been sponsored by two anonymous donors & will be completed for the Bicentenary Celebrations on 11 May, 2019.

Phase 3 – Concept to Reality – Bishop’s Chair

The Bishop’s Chair sits on the Altar & is almost 200 years old so it is only fitting it has a new, hand made cushion for its’ birthday in 2019! 

Again Jacksons of Hebden Bridge were given the brief & a design chosen.   This project commenced in October 2016.

This project has been sponsored  by an anonymous donor and will also be finished for the Bicentenary Celebrations on 11 May, 2019.

Phase 4 – Concept to Reality – Pulpit Falls

This project consists of 5 pulpit falls –

Holy Week Red

Lent purple

Learning green

Feasts white

Advent purple

Each of the Falls  will be designed by Jacksons of Hebden Bridge & As with the Bishop’s Chair, each of these Pulpit Falls will be done by only one member of the stitching team.

The Pulpit Fall project has been sponsored by an anonymous donor & commenced in July 2016.   All 5 pieces will be completed for the Bicentenary Celebrations on 11 May, 2011

The journey of the OPUS CATHEDRA PROJECT will be captured in a coffee table book which will be available for sale on or before the Bicentenary celebrations on 11 May, 2019 !!

Should you wish to take part in the OPUS CATHEDRA PROJECT by being a sponsor of the book, please contact us via this website.