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St. George's Church Penang, Malaysia, as part of it's BiCentennary Celebrations in 2017 leading to 2019 is looking forward to welcoming to Penang,Bishop of Calcutta Ashoke Biswas , on Friday12th of May through till Monday15th of May.

The Diocese of Calcutta of the Church of North India was established in 1813 as part of the Church of England. It is led by the Bishop of Calcutta.

The First Bishop was Thomas Middleton (1814–1822). It was Bishop Middleton who Consecrated St. George's Church, Penang in 1819.

Bishop Biswas will be attending several functions associated with St. George's Church whilst in Penang following a Guided Tour of our Church & Facilities

AND attending the "Feeding the Poor" Project on Sunday. 


                                                  Welcome to Penang Bishop Biswas !!
                                                    ~ Empowering the Disadvantaged~