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Our Bicentenary Vision is to raise RM1,000,000 over the next 3 years to Empower Disadvantaged Children through Education - Academically, Life Skills and the Christian way of life.  

We will find Children who do well at School but because their Families are poor, they’ll never get the opportunity to further their Education.  These Children may come from an abusive family situation whereby Dad drinks and/or takes Drugs and abuses Mum.  Mum “does nothing about it” so the Boys think “Mum’s not complaining so that must be normal” while the Girls might think “Dad’s hitting Mum and she just takes it so that must be normal”.  

What we will do is show these Children this is NOT normal, normal Families don’t live like that.  We will show them that through Education they will get a better job which leads to a better career paths and a better life, a life where they can make a meaningful contribution to the Community and hopefully be in a position to give back, not financially but by giving of their time and Knowledge.  We will look at Children aged from around 13 years and take them through to the end of high school.  If they are capable and wish to go to University we will look at extending their Scholarship with us.   Each candidate will go through a rigorous process before being awarded a scholarship and they will be monitored closely throughout their time at School.  Although we will favour local Education institutions we will also look at approaching Private Schools and Universities abroad for scholarships.    We have highly qualified Professionals on the Bicentenary Committee who will make up the Bicentenary Education Selection Board.

While Education is a valuable asset, we will also be allocating a percentage of our RM1,000,000  to help those in need of Urgent and Life giving Medical Assistance.  This will only be available to the truly disadvantaged such as ageing Folk and the person involved will go through a rigorous selection process.  Again we have highly qualified Health Sector Professionals who will make up the Bicentenary Medical Selection Board.


The outcomes we will achieve are two fold:

A) By Educating Disadvantaged children we will Empower a New Generation, the Future of Malaysia, to take up a way of life which will allow them the opportunity to lead ameaningfuland better way of life.  They will learn that through hard work and dedication, perhaps one day they can be the law makers, the leaders, the surgeons, doctors and nurses, Business Men and Women and loving Parents raising their own Children in a Loving and Safe Family Environment. Parents who appreciate the “ Value of Education “.

B) By offering meaningful, Life saving Medical Assistance we will Empower the Disadvantaged Sick in our Community so they too can lead as normal a Life as possible, hopefully returning to school or the workforce where they can prepare to be a valuable Member of the Community.

Although our initial goal is to raise RM1,000,000 over the next 3 years, our VISION is  for the Bicentenary Fund to continue to


Long into the Future…….our Legacy for the next 200 years